Theophany Fellowship Hall

Glass mosaic modeled after a fresco at Stavronikita Monastary on Mount Athos.

Installed over door:

Theophany Entry Mosaic

For images of iconography murals we have created at this church, click on the Holy Theophany Orthodox Church link in the left sidebar.

Traditional Mosaic Icon

 People often ask us if we have very much leftover glass when we make stained glass windows. That might be the understatement of all time. We have boxes of scrap glass. Of course, some of it is used for future stained glass windows if the pieces are large enough to be salvaged. The smaller pieces, however, can't be utilized for much except mosaics. Cutting the scrap into useable uniform mosaic pieces is quite labor intensive, but it's a good use for the material which is quite expensive.

Here's an example of a mosaic that was created for the church sign at Ss. Peter & Paul Orthodox Church in Kansas. The mosaic pieces have been painted and fired in a kiln to create the details in the faces.

Here, the same mosaic installed outside the church.

This young boy "venerates the icon", a traditional show of respect in the Orthodox Catholic church.