Three Panel Mural

Complete with gilding except for detailing and frame.

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Right Angel


Gilding Process

Laying the gold over the bole and size-prepared cross motif.

After rubbing, the back paper is removed.

The adhered gold is then gently brushed of excess.

The gilded cross is later detailed with background color to neaten the edges.

Then on to the next gilded banding.

It's a time-consuming and meticulous process, but well-worth the end result.

Angel Wings and Gilding

Left Angel Panel Full

Left Angel Panel Detail

In the Details

When the under-painting and the color balance has been established, detail painting begins.

Close-up of left angel icon

The unique drapery shadows and highlights of iconography being added below.

St. Mary's Mural Painting Continued

Next, color is laid into the mural and balance checked.

Below is an example of background lily frieze underpainting and color overlay with detailing.

Here is the center mural panel with detailing added.

Right angel full

Left angel head
Right angel head

The dark shiny red tone behind the angel heads is bole, or the underground for gold leaf that will be applied last. For more information about gilding, click here.

Detail with gold leaf applied

St. Mary's Catholic Cathedral

The original designs

Preparing the canvas and getting ready to build supporting framework

Preparing paint for the marbelling

The artist at work on the faux marble painting

Sketches of the mural figures left panel and center

Right panel detail sketch

"Carving" detail on three lower panels

 Gluing canvas to frame with archival BevaGel adhesive

One finished lower architectural panel

Left, center, and right murals in process

Detail right panel

Detail left panel