September 26, 2013


All the walls were once pristine white, and we started this project with the painting behind the iconostasis, then worked up to the Theotokos in the half-dome.

The Theophany temple, styled after the Chora, an orthodox church in Istanbul, is typical of the Byzantine style of churches of the 13th century. It is built of modern materials, therefore, modern murals and techniques were applied for the iconography on the walls.

The artists consulted with Victoria Ryan of Art Care Services before any work was started, to determine the most archival materials and methods for these murals. The icons are painted on canvas with acrylic paint, then cut and glued with a special adhesive called Beva Gel. This glue is available from Conservators Products Company. It is a reversible application, allowing for the removal of the icons if this should become necessary for any reason.

It is also much easier for the artists to paint the artwork in their own studio, and then spend only a few days applying the completed iconography to the walls.

Considerable research was required to plan the murals to be painted. Many online sources were examined, and books were reviewed for insight and inspiration.

And much discussion between artist and priest ensued.