May 2, 2010

Theophany Fellowship Hall

Glass mosaic modeled after a fresco at Stavronikita Monastary on Mount Athos.

Installed over door:

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Anonymous said...

This is beautiful work.

It reminds me of a photo a friend took of the fresco above the door to the church at Great Meteora, Greece.

I've just posted that photo for you to see in an empty blog titled:
"Fresco Over Door to Church at Great Meteora, Greece"

What makes the Meteora fresco so unique (IMHO) is the "complete" witness depicted:

The Theotokos (Mary) certainly was able to witness to the reality of Christ's true identity.

Christ is holding the written word, saying that Holy Scripture testifies as to his true identity.

Then, St John the Forerunner (Baptist) is also testifying as to Christ's identity...

And between Christ and The Forerunner, there is an iconic whisp of smoke depicted, signifying the inspiration (and witness of) The Holy Spirit of God.