October 20, 2007

Research and books

The painting continues and we don't have quite a kiln-load yet, so more about that later.

In the meanwhile, going through books we use for research, I thought I'd check availability of various titles in our own library. Many of them are out-of-print and are selling for up to $250, so hard are they to find.

One of the best stained glass books ever written is called simply Stained Glass edited by Lawrence Lee et al.

There are others, and the bible of glass painting is by Albinas Elskus whose excellent how-to has taught many a modern glass artist the finer points of the art. It was a day of mourning for many when Elskus recently passed away. You can read about him by clicking the link at the left.

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Mira said...

Gorgeous Blog . . . found you on warmglass.com. and glad I did. I like to see the process pics.