October 24, 2007

More on Tiffany

Mosaics aren't the only good use of scrap glass. When Tiffany Studios was in its height of production, their scrap heaps became enormous, so one of the many Tiffany designers (though probably not Tiffany himself) had the brilliant idea to design floral lampshades held together by the new technique of copperfoil. The designs are as popular today as ever, and almost every store with a lighting department sells China-made knock-offs for a reasonable price. Many of the original lamps are pictured and discussed in any of Alistair Duncan's numerous books about Lewis Comfort Tiffany, along with glowing treatises of the many church and institutional windows produced by the studio. I hesitate to mention Duncan's name due to the curiously bizarre turn his career and life took a few years ago. You can read more about it at the Museum Security website. As I write this, one can even go to the local post office and obtain postage stamps with this lovely Tiffany window depicted, part of the American Treasures postage stamp series. Tiffany's popularity lives on.

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groovygrrl said...

You meant Duncan's life! I was scrutinizing that link, trying to find where L.C. Tiffany's life took a weird turn... :)