October 18, 2007

Glass painting step-by-step

In figurative glass work, at least the faces, hands, and feet should be painted. This requires not only knowledge of archival painting techniques, but also a good degree of drawing skill. Here are several areas in the Feeding the Multitudes window which will be painted.

This glass painting corresponds with the head of Jesus above right.

First, the paint on the glass palette is mulled for smoothness with a special glass muller.

The paint is quickly applied ....

....and then smoothed in all directions with a special brush called a badger blender. This must happen very quickly as the paint completely dries in only a couple of minutes. The last step in application as the paint is drying, is to stipple with a pouncing motion to create a pin-hole effect in the paint. The paint used here is a high-fire Hancock gray-green in water with gum arabic.

This step will be repeated with all cut glass pieces requiring this color. Now the paint is left to dry completely after which the modeling and tracery occurs. We'll show that next.

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